Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I can identify and evaluate the way writers use language and ideas to suit their purpose.

Name:jakob Date:10/3/16

L4 Author’s Purpose follow up
I can  describe how to identify author's purpose.
I can describe the language used by authors to achieve their purpose.
I can compare and contrast language and ideas between texts with similar author’s purpose.  
Text:Changing NZ's flag would be 'idiotic'

The author’s purpose is… Persuasive

I know this because…. it's trying to get you not to change the flag.

Language used to support purpose.
It has big bold letters for the important information.    
Ideas used to support purpose.
It gives you good statements for not changing the flag
Text:McCaw Backs Flag Change

The author’s purpose is…Persuasive

I know this because…..I is trying to get you to change the flag

Language used to support purpose.
It tells you that a New Zealand great says it is too much like the Australian

Ideas used to support
“ The moment when he decided a new flag would be great for our country. Running out at Twickenham and seeing the two flags looking so similar. The silver fern has always been the special symbol on the All Black jersey that represents who we are as kiwis, so the new flag with a silver fern as a part of it would be a great option he believe.”.This is what he said.i
My Evaluation
After reading both texts and comparing and contrasting language and ideas used to support authors purpose)

The text which I think most achieved its purpose was………
Changing the flag would be Idiotic

My reasons for this evaluation are…….. (list at least 3)

Because it is more persuasive in the title.
It is also more persuasive in the language.
And it is more reasonable.   

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