Monday, 23 March 2015

Hero Writing

WALT write an information report about our hero.

Shaun Johnson is the fastest player in the Warriors. I am going to be talking about why he is my hero what he did growing up and his sports career.

Shaun Johnson was born in Auckland on September 9 1990. He went to Orewa College and played Basketball, Rugby and Australian Rules Football.

Shaun Johnson played for the Hibiscus Coast Raiders before being signed up for the Warriors in 2009. Shaun Johnson started in the Junior Kiwis in 2010 and in the 4 Nations in 2013. He also started in the Warriors in the same year.

Shaun Johnson is my hero because he shows a lot of resilience like when they lost against the Roosters he just kept trying to stop them from scoring by tackling them hard.

My main point is Shaun Johnson is the person I look up to. He is like me when things get hard he keeps going like me and when I am older I will take his place.

By Jakob