Friday, 5 June 2015

Explanation Writing

WALT explain how or why something occurs.

To start to fly you need speed and thrust. When you take off you create lift to start to fly. I am going to tell you how to create lift.

The forces acting on a plane are thrust , lift , drag and weight. Thrust makes the plane move forward to create lift. Drag and weight allow the plane to fly in a stable way. Drag and weight  help land your plane, when you create drag you create weight .

You need speed to create lift and wings are different shapes and sizes. Some wings have propellers on them so it creates more  thrust. Other ones have flaps to create drag and to be able to turn and stay balanced.

Air pressure can be used in different ways. Air pressure is when you are flying  and go up. Air pressure is bad when you need to land quickly because the air pushes you up.

To create lift you need speed and thrust.If you have the right body and wings you create air pressure and you can fly.  
The End

By Jakob

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